Position Mode Control for Servo Drives

The position loop regulates the position of the motor or system. In Position mode control, feedback such as an encoder or resolver ensures that the actual position is equal to the commanded position. The servo drive’s position loop compensates for position errors by applying more torque to push the system back into position. If an outside force acts on the motor shaft, the drive will “fight back” to maintain the target position.

While its a more complex form of motion control than velocity or current mode, position mode is very useful to make sure everything is in exactly the right place, such as in manufacturing robots, 3D printers, CNC machining, and more.



  • Network traffic can be greatly reduced if the drive closes the position loop using distributed control
  • Position Mode can eliminate the need for a controller in single-axis or multiple single-axis applications

ADVANCED Motion Controls' Capabilities

  • DigiFlex® Performance and FlexPro drives are capable of operating in Position Mode
  • Certain DigiFlex® Performance drives can operate in Profile or Cyclic Synchronous Position Mode

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