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Click&Move® is an Automation Solution. This motion control software is designed to be an application solution for OEMs, systems integrators and end users. It can include motion control, PLC logic, local I/O, and networked I/O.

  • Combines Motion, PLC and HMI control
  • Based on PLCopen, the global standard for industrial control programming
  • Fully IEC 61131-3 compliant using graphical Function Block Diagrams (FBDs)
  • Multiple platforms supported: PC (Win OS and Linux), stand-alone controller (MACC), and ADVANCED Motion Controls’ drives
  • Supports CANopen and EtherCAT network protocols

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Current release of Click&Move® is 5.4.2.

Learn more about Click&Move® here.

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Software Downloads

  • SW-001 Release notes for latest version of Click&Move® Software
  • SW-002 Quick start-up guide for Click&Move®

Application Notes

  • AN-038 Programming Multi-Dimensional Motion Trajectories in Click&Move®
  • AN-042 Click&Move® - Creating UDFBs
  • AN-043 Click&Move® - Two Axis Virtual Project
  • AN-044 Click&Move® - Two Axis Real Project
  • AN-045 Click&Move® - Two Axis Coordinated Motion Project
  • AN-046 Click&Move® - Packaged Release
  • AN-047 Click&Move® - Running a Project on the MACC with a PC-Based HMI
  • AN-048 Click&Move® - C++ Code Embedded in a Function Block
  • AN-049 Downloading a Click&Move® Application to a Drive
  • AN-052 Click&Move® - G-code Reference Guide
  • AN-053 Using the SMEM to Interact with Click&Move®
  • AN-054 Preparing a Linux System for Click&Move® Compatibility
  • AN-057 Click&Move® - Two Axis EtherCAT Field Bus MACC Tutorial

Instructional Videos

  • VidInst-001 Basic overview of Click&Move soft motion and automation
  • VidInst-006 Tutorial to program a simple single axis machine and HMI.

Compliance and Approvals

White Papers

  • WhitePap-002 Visual Programming of Logic, Motion, and Robotics|Discusses how complex, platform independent control systems can be implemented with Function Block Diagrams
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