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Antenna Telemetry Systems


Antenna control for telemetry tracking requires high precision for object location. Uses include industrial, defense, and commercial applications.

Motion Needs

Position control that is both accurate for location and repeatable in operation to deliver a precise antenna system. CANopen interfacing was selected due to its open communications protocol.

Customer Requirements

Various antenna models with multiple power demands

  • Common control system dictated same servo drive interface but with models having different power levels

Extreme environments

Minimal Maintenance

  • Operation typically in remote locations
  • Long service life expected

Solutions Technology

Extended environment capabilities

Increased flexibility

  • Embedded PCB mount drives allowed final packaging close to the motor for smaller overall footprint

Support and Reliability

  • ADVANCED Motion Controls continued to support from specification stage through project rollout
  • Customer so impressed with drive reliability that additional ADVANCED Motion Controls' power supply and mounting card accessory products are now specified in system design
    Antenna Telemetry Systems DrivesAntenna Telemetry Systems Drives


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