Solved Servo Applications

Friction Feeders

Friction feeders are capable of inserting a variety of ancillary or primary products from paper sheets to packaged product on various packaging lines with end user goods in the packaging, printing, pharmaceutical, and food industries.  This machinery is typically operating at much higher velocities to complement and match main production line speeds but also used in stand alone operations as needed.

Motion Needs

Extremely high throughputs with fast acceleration and deceleration ramping for roller/band transport control

Customer Requirements


    • Durability and Ease of Use
    • Simple setup
    • high reliability
    • 24-hour standby/operating conditions with years of uninterrupted production expectations

    Industry leading precision and accuracy

    • Fastest linear speeds
    • tightest product placement and highest throughput

    High Power

    • Small Size
    • Capable of driving 800W brushless servo motor
    • the highest power used in this industry
    • Limited enclosure space available to maintain smallest categorical size

    Solutions Technology

      Industry-best performance

      • ADVANCED Motion Controls provided the fastest servo drive response and bandwidth of all other market-available drives tested

      Ideal form factor and size

      • Drive electronics fit into machine-mounted controls enclosure

      Engineering cooperation and adaptation

      • To handle the fast start/stops with fast accel/decels
      • thereby bus voltage spikes
      • standard product modified with higher voltage power devices to accomodate