Solved Servo Applications

Racing and Flight Simulators

A simulator is an interactive device artificially replicates an environment for operating equipment without the need of exposure to unnecessary dangers. Typically these systems are used for training and entertainment of racing various vehicles, flying, gaming or other purpose-built need. Full-motion, dynamic simulators provide realism by presenting major attributes to the user to make them believe they are actually participating.

Motion Needs

Responsive torque output with precise position control for any riders of all sizes

Customer Requirements

    Highest performance available

    • 2-axis gimbal platform with center-of-mass / center-of-movement motion geometry preset
    • 40° of both independent pitch and roll - with 20" heave
    • 16" surge
    • and 16" sway
    • 2G change of directional movements

    Simple system integration for a commercialized application

    • Low cost platform for wide range of use
    • Most compact design possible
    • Completely reliable and stable product

    Solutions Technology

      Standard AxCent PCB mount platform

      • Plug-in design simplified overall installation
      • High performance responsiveness achieved providing full range of motion
      • Easily expandable to other power levels when sizing for future
      • larger load need

      Drive offered unsurpassed reliability

      • Zero drive failures in over 10 years of production
      • Set the quality standard for all other system components