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Servo Drives for 3D Printers

Motion Control in 3D Printing

3D (three-dimensional) printing, also known as 3D fabrication, refers to methods and processes of creating, modeling, and/or prototyping various objects for further use or analysis. Various methods for the manufacturing of these objects will typically include polymers or metal powders. Starting with a computer-driven set of instructions, the machines ‘print’ successive layers of material while applying hardening source (UV light, lasers, etc.) until object formation is complete.

Motion Needs

Control of all X-Y-Z axes for dispensing head positioning and movement

Customer Requirements

Same functionality over different models

  • Multiple machine variations and sizes
  • Varying motor sizes and power levels

Precision motion control

  • Customer-designed controller compatiblity
  • Traditional input commands for torque mode control

Reliable performance demands

  • Eliminate quality problems from previous motor and drive suppliers

Solutions Technology

ADVANCED Motion Controls' proven products

  • Displaced the competition with significantly more cost-effective solution
  • Earned customer's satisfaction with proven reliable and stable technologies
  • Smaller machine designs included simple modifications to off-the-shelf AxCent drives
  • Larger machines incorporated custom configured DigiFlex® Performance drives

"Drives as a partner product"

  • Multiple motor manufacturers have come and gone
  • ADVANCED Motion Controls' drives have been the standard since initial implementation and with all new designs

Excellent support

  • Knowledgeable sales and support representative team
  • Proactively promoting less-expensive solutions to customer to reduce their costs
  • Gained trust by providing continual person-to-person support, especially through any redesign

Servo Drives for 3D PrintersServo Drives for 3D Printers

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