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servo drive or servo amplifier
Is it Servo Drive or Amplifier?
Servo Drive Trends 2020
Servo Drive Trends for 2020
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Motion Control in 3D Printing
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What is a Servo Drive?

We're glad you're here with us today.

We've been proudly manufacturing servo drives and controls since 1987.

Over the course of that time, we've not only built a lot products; we've solved many applications and accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience that we love to share.

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Portable Ventilator
Ventilator Motion Control
Warehouse Automation Info Box
Warehouse Automation
Motion Control Overview
Power Factor Correction

Our Products

AxCent Info Box
Click&Move Automated Software Solution
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DigiFlex® Performance™
FlexPro Info Box
Custom & Modified Servo Drives
Modified Servo Drives
Extended Environment Overview