Solved Servo Applications

Automated Guided Cart

Automated guided carts come in various forms with widely varying load capacities from tens to hundreds of thousands of kilograms cargo weight in order to transport materials from one location to another. Either used as tugs or to position themselves under/over the pending target loads, these autonomous delivery vehicles are perfect for manufacturing and/or assembly processes and can be scaled to the size of the operation.

Motion Needs

Transaxle propulsion for tugging up to 1,000 Kg. of cargo weight

Customer Requirements

    Serial network commands

    • CANopen communications from on-board master controller to slaved drive

    Drives operating in velocity mode

    • Brushed motor was selected (but capable of driving brushless motors if converted)
    • Incremental encoder with feedback generated by non-contact
    • magnetic sensor

    High power performance in small package for space/weight considerations

    • 24 VDC battery source
    • 24 Amp continuous current output

    Solutions Technology

      ADVANCED Motion Controls' DigiFlex® Performance PCB mount drives provided accurate and reliable operation

      • Recommended by long-time sales representative with direct knowledge of customer's needs
      • Competitive drives produced errors when performing stopping operations with very inconsistent low-speed regulation that resulted in speed pertibation
      • DigiFlex® Performance PCB mount drives performance was considered "...outstanding!" and exceeded customer's expectations
      • particularly low speed velocity control

      Cooperation to improve ultimate project success

      • ADVANCED Motion Controls able to quickly implement and ship modified drive and mounting card to meet specific system specifications
      • Servo drive's overall output power level matched application's constraints
      • Customer specified connectors on the mounting card to ease their final integration and installation